Creative Industry Development Office

The Digital Creative Sector is one of London’s fastest growing sectors and represents a range of business, entrepreneurs, products and services: interactive digital media (gaming, AR/VR), marketing communications firms and cultural media content producers (tv, film, etc.). Currently this sector not adequately serviced by any dedicated advocacy or focused economic development.

The Digital Creative Industries Development office connects active entrepreneurs, successful business owners, passionate citizens, change-makers and leaders directly to each other and to leaders in business and public sector, locally, regionally and nationally. These connections will support individual business objectives, open doors and opportunities for creative practice and will lend credibility and create authenticity, legitimacy and practical value to the City of London’s implementing economic strategic goals.


Digital Media and Entrepreneurship Centre

Springboard operates out of a shared studios space at 211 King St. in downtown London Ontario.



Springboard engagess in advocacy of London’s creative cluster to  regional, national and international partners.